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Phase 1 progress

9:19AM October 12, 2019

Future ecoLINK subscribers:

 It has been awhile since our last project update, and we know many of you are anxious to get your new ecoLINK fiber internet/phone installed!  There are many moving parts in a project of this magnitude, and the team is continuing to push forward to deliver you service ASAP.

 Teams have remained hard at work to install fiber to bring you access to the fastest and most reliable service in the world.  To date, we have constructed over 460 miles of fiber lines for Phase 1; this includes a 1700-foot crossing across the North Canadian River and a 1200-foot crossing across Lake Eufaula!  Crossings like this are not typical for a small Internet Service Provider (ISP) like ecoLINK, but this is the reality of the terrain in our service area and we are overcoming it to reach you, your families, your farms, your ranches, and your businesses.

 We completed a “close-out” on our first feeder fiber last week, Pierce Feeder 1.  This means it passed inspection and is ready to start having fiber drops installed to customers.  Pierce Feeder 2 should be closed out in the next week.  We are putting the finishing touches on the backend systems for network management, orders and billing, and technical support, and we are still waiting on two different companies to complete our connections out to the Internet, but these should all be coming shortly.  Once these final pieces are in place, installations will be happening quickly!  Thank you for your patience…it will be worth the wait.  We look forward to serving you soon!

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