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Taking high-speed fiber services where no one else will

We're excited about this new service and hope you share our enthusiasm.  By the end of the summer 2023, roughly 5,000 miles of fiber optic cable will be built in support of this project. Plus, we will be looking to start off-system projects for those residents who live within East Central Electric's service territory but aren't electrically served by ECE.

ecoLINK will bring the power of high-speed fiber services right to the front door of your home or business.

  • 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps Internet
  • Home Phone Service

We're in the beginning stage of our project, but we're coming soon to bring high-speed fiber services to your area. View our Phases to learn more about where we're going and register for updates below to stay in the loop.

*NOTE: Non-ECE members have to be within our network perimeters in order to be able to receive fiber internet and phone service. However, exceptions could possibly be made depending on the network feasibility. Please register on this website so we have a record of your interest along with your contact information and map location.